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We have an art studio in downtown Cary. Drawing and painting have been a family tradition in the Petrie family as far back as the famous George Petrie 1790 – 1866 Ireland, James Petrie of England and the Canadian Winter Olympics painter Linda Petrie, Evans of B.C. Canada.  James is self taught. At Art Classes in Cary NC, we teach oil painting in all styles and commission oil portraits, pet paintings or land scapes, in oil, on canvas. Call James and make an appointment for a class or for a commissioned painting at 919-400-6712.  We are booking the next Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm for just $150.00 and we supply everything you need. My art is currently on display in local galleries; please call for more information. We have paypal on the last page of this site.

Melissa Horne: "I took a class from James. It was we'll run, yet a relaxed atmosphere that allowed for my creativity to come through. I left the class with a lovely oil painting to hang in my home!" Painting is like meditation but you end up with a prize at the end.

To see what we are painting next Saturday go to "Class Projects" on the right.


IF YOU WOULD LIKE A CANVAS COPY EMAIL US AT hireapi@gmail.com or call 919-400-6712


We do complex oil painting projects such as Yosemity, shown above, that will take hours, simple Bob Ross style paintings that can take a few hours to alla prima or impressionistic projects that can be painted in an hour. To see what our next Saturday project will be click on class projects, upper right side.


My paintings are hanging in Galeries throughout North Carolina. If you are interested in viewing the paintings in person send me an email at apism.net and I will provide with the gallery locations, for that time. Every painting, in the galeries will be an original oil painting on canvas, signed by me, and will list the price to purchase. The price will vary from a couple hundred dollars and up, depending on the size of the painting and detail. For any group that may want to view my paintings I will make myself available and accompany you to the gallery. As you can see from this website my first series involved many different styles. My next series will be more focused  but better keep that quiet or I'll have an Artist or two standing on my head. Have a wonder day and thank you for your support. James PetriePlease get in touch with any questions or comments on my site.